Don Williams Recreation Area – Ogden, IA

Currently in the early stages of construction, this project is the result of a capstone project for University of Iowa student-athlete and current NFL player, Parker Hesse. I was brought in to consult with the design.

Don Williams is the largest recreation area in the Boone County Conservation system. Boating, fishing, camping and a traditional golf course are the main features of this 600-acre park. An 18 hole disc golf course will take players on a tour of some of the best wooded and lake-side views in the park. The objective of the course will be to provide another recreational opportunity to visitors as well as attract competitive players from the surrounding area. The course will feature multiple tees and changeable basket locations to accommodate all levels of play, from rank novice to professional. At a projected par of 62, the course will have the ability to temporarily stretch out to a ‘gold’ level length, suitable for world-class competition.

Projected completion: Late Fall 2020

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