Past Projects

Stable Run DGC – 18 holes – Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Stable Run was a project in which I touched virtually all phases of its existence, from site selection to site analysis to course layout to construction. Iowa State University Department of Recreation Services wanted to add a disc golf facility to its existing curriculum of field sports such as soccer, softball, volleyball, etc… They had access to several pieces of ground near campus and needed guidance in selecting the right one. The parcel eventually used was formerly a horse pasture in the Squaw Creek flood plane. The site, while mostly flat, had features such as large hardwood trees, a small river and interesting surface undulations which made it suitable for a fun and challenging course. Its sandy soil allows it to drain and recover quickly after a flooding event.

The main feature of the course is its ‘dual/dual’ design, meaning it has two tee pads and two baskets for each hole. This allows players to play four different versions of the course and provides an appropriate challenge to players of all skill levels, from rank novice to elite professional. Soon after its completion, Stable Run was used in the professional rotation of the 2004 PDGA World Championships.

McHose Park DGC – 18 holes – Boone, IA

I was approached by a businessman in the town of Boone, IA who had a vision for a destination course that players would come to from Des Moines and the surrounding area, with the side benefit of bringing money to the local economy.

The park is roughly 50% flat, well-maintained ground through a moderate density of mature hardwood trees, and 50% rugged, severe elevation change, densely wooded with a stream rippling through.

We discussed how to best utilize the land to not only attract accomplished players from out of town, but to also serve the recreational segment. To get those experienced players, the course was going to be like no other course around. There were going to be multiple par 4 holes with a focus on placement of shots. There were going to be opportunities to bomb drives. There were going to be shorter holes that required finesse and gap-hitting ability. It was to be a real overall test of a player’s game (and stamina).

In order to serve the recreational/family segment, we recognized that a gold-level course over that kind of terrain would only frustrate new players and young kids, so we came up with the concept of a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ course. This concept broke the course into two personalities.

Nine of the holes are on the upper portion of the park, through the tamer, flatter ground and the other 9 mostly wind around through the lower, more rugged part. The course, therefore can be played as an 18 hole, championship-level course. Or, it can be played as a recreational 9 hole course by taking advantage of the shorter set of tees.

Harrington Park DGC – 9 holes – Nevada, IA

Harrington Park contains soccer fields, ball diamonds and a skate park with the rest of the park containing an arboretum of various overstory and ornamental trees. The course winds through the arboretum, requiring a nice variety of shot shapes to get to the basket and score well.

Spring Lake Park DGC – 9 holes – Jefferson, IA

Greene County Conservation Board wanted this course to provide another recreation opportunity in addition to the camping, boating, fishing and picnicking provided in the park. It’s a recreational course that affords park-goers a relaxing game to play while walking through a shady grassy area dotted with mature trees.

West Leach Park DGC – 9 holes – Spencer, IA

The City of Spencer Parks and Recreation wanted to revitalize an under-used park that sits on the bank of the Little Sioux River.

Wiese Park DGC – 9 holes – Perry, IA

This low-cost disc golf solution utilizes an existing pedestrian path for hard surface tee areas.

Hampton Rotary 4-Way Test DGC – 9 holes – Hampton, IA

A group of local businessmen wanted to add disc golf to a municipal park as a community-building project.

Sunnyside DGC – 18 holes – Atlantic, IA (post-design consultation)

Local player, Frank Saddlemire, did the initial design of this course and sought out an experienced designer’s input prior to construction. I reviewed the design to improve the overall safety, challenge and flow of the course. Sunnyside is one of the more popular courses in western Iowa.

Carroll Marty DGC – 18 holes – Ames, IA (redesign – construction underway)

Ongoing soil erosion and the destruction of a walking bridge connecting 6 holes with the rest of the course led to re-configuring the original Jeff Harper design to utilize a vehicular bridge crossing the creek to improve traffic flow while maintaining as many of the tee and basket locations as possible.