Steve ‘CyDisc’ Kenton

For over 20 years… playing the game I love… designing courses to spread that love…

In the Spring of 1996, I accepted an invitation to play this game called ‘disc golf’ by a colleague. After one round, I was hooked.

Since that day, I’ve been involved in disc golf in one way or another, from playing at a professional level, to teaching lessons, to administering the Iowa Games Sports Festival tournament, to designing quality disc golf courses throughout the state of Iowa.

I have a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Iowa State University (1991) and have worked jobs affiliated with Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering and Land Surveying for almost 30 years.

My background working with the land and experience playing championship-level courses give me the unique ability to look at an undeveloped piece of ground and being able to bring out the best-possible disc golf course.